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Cost-Effective Financial Trading Plans by Dezire research

Standard Stock Future

Monthly Rs. 12000/- Pay Now
Quarterly Rs. 32000/- Pay Now
Half Yearly Rs. 58000/- Pay Now
Yearly Rs. 94000/- Pay Now

Premium Future

Monthly Rs. 18000/- Pay Now
Quarterly Rs. 51000/- Pay Now
Half Yearly Rs. 96000/- Pay Now
Yearly Rs. 180000/- Pay Now

Crystal Future Pack

Monthly Rs. 90000/- Pay Now
Quarterly Rs. 249000/- Pay Now
Half Yearly Rs. 474000/- Pay Now
Yearly Rs. 780000/- Pay Now

HNI Stock Future

Monthly Rs. 65000/- Pay Now
Quarterly Rs. 190000/- Pay Now
Half Yearly Rs. 366000/- Pay Now
Yearly Rs. 696000/- Pay Now

BTST / STBT Service

Monthly Rs. 20000/- Pay Now
Quarterly Rs. 52000/- Pay Now
Half Yearly Rs. 84000/- Pay Now
Yearly Rs. 120000/- Pay Now
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