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1. The Dezire respects and values the right to privacy of each and every individual. By becoming clients you have a promise from our side that we shall remain loyal to all our clients and non clients whose information resides with us. This privacy policy of TheDezire applies to the currents clients as well as former clients.
2. Your information, whether public or private, will NOT be sold , rented, exchanged, transferred or given to any company or individual for any reason without your consent.
3. Your information will be used SOLELY for providing the servicesto you for which you have subscribed to us and not for any other purposes.
4. Your information given to us represents your identity with us. If any changes are brought in any of the fields of which you have provided us the information, You shell bring it to our notice by either calling usor sending an email to us.
5. By filling out this form you are agreeing the comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use along with the terms and conditions posted on the website, which together with our privacy policy govern The Dezire relationship with you in relation to the website.
6. By signing the form above, you agree to provide us your valid mobile number. Also by providing your mobile number, you provide us the consent to call you on the number provided by you and send SMS on your mobile number. You provide your consent for us to use your mobile numbers even if it is registered on the National 'DO Not Disturb' registry.
7. The Dezire as a merchant shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorisation for any Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time.


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1. Fill out the form in its entirety and put signature on all the pages along with the supporting documents.
2. Email the complete form along with the required documents to Please note that your services can not be started before this form is received at The Dezire as per SEBI regulations


(II)Note:- We do not Provide any low risk services.
  • 1.Would you invest where a small return is earned associated with small risk
    instead of a high return associated with high risk?
      Strongly prefer.
      Do not prefer.
      Strongly do not prefer.
  • 2.When market is not performing well would you like to invest in more risky investment instead of less risky investment to earn high return? []
      Strongly prefer.
      Do not prefer.
      Strongly do not prefer.

  • 3.High risk is associated with high return, Medium risk Is associated with medium returns and low risk is associated with low returns? What risks can you
    bear (not prefer)?
  • 4.What is the duration of investment you are looking forward to keep invested? []
      Short term Positional ( from 1 month to 6 months).
      Long term Positional (more than 1 year).
  • 5.In which of the following market segments have you traded previously? []
      Commodity .
  • 6.What is your experience with equity investments?[]
      Extensive experience.
      Moderate experience.
      Very less experience.
      No experience.
  • 7.What is your experience with Commodity investments?
    1. Extensive experience.
      Moderate experience.
      Very less experience.
      No experience.
  • 8.What is your experience with Forex investments?[]
    1. Extensive experience.
      Moderate experience.
      Very less experience.
      No experience.
  • 9.What is your Age Group?[]
    1. Under 35 .
  • 10.Investment Goal?[]
    1. Capital Appreciation.
      Regular Income.
      Capital Appreciation and Regular Income.
  • 11.Proposed Investment Amount.[]
    1. <1 lacs
      1-2 lacs
      2-5 lacs.
      > 5 lacs.
  • 12.Gross Annual Income details.[]
      Below 1 lac,
      1-5 lac,
      5-10 lac,
      10-25 lac,
      >25 lac,
  • 13.Sources of Income.[]
    1. Primary Source.
  • 14.Secondary Source.[]
    1. Royalties.
      Others Specify________.
  • 15.Market Value of portfolio held.[]
    1. <1 lacs
      1-2 lacs
      2-5 lacs
      > 5 lacs
  • 16.Investment Experience.[]
    1. < 3 years
      3-5 years
      >5 years
  • 17.How many dependents do you financially support?[]
    1.  None.
      Between 1-3
  • 18.What is the size of your emergency fund?[]
    1. do not have.
      < 1 month income
      1-3 months income.
      3-6 months income.
      > 6 months income
  • 19.What is your experience with investments in past?[]
    1. Very Good
      Very Bad
  • 20.What percentage of monthly income is allocated to pay off debt [all EMIs]?[]
    1. None.
      Between 0% -20%.
      Between 20% - 35%.
      Between 35% - 50%.
      > 50%.
  • 21.Occupation (please select the appropriate).[]
    1. Private sector service, Public sector,
      Government sector, Business ,
      Professional, Agriculturist,
      Retired, Housewife, Student,
  • 22.Are you any of the following, or are directly or indirectly related to any of the following?[]
    1. Civil Servant,
      Current or former head of state,
      Bureaucrat (Tax authorities, Foreign Services, IAS etc)
      Current or former MP/MLA/MLC,
      Connected to Media,
      Connected to any company/promoter group/ group of companies listed on any stock exchange

    Above Mentioned Services fall into the risk category choosen by you. If you agree to the above then click Yes.If you do not agree please click NO.

    Yes     No

    If you disagree to the above risk assesment please select atleast two or more services mentioned below.

      1. Stock Cash = Medium
      2. Stock Futures = Medium
      3. Nifty Futures = Medium
      4. Agri Pack = High
      5. Options - Call & Put = High
      6. Commodity Pack = High
      7. Profit Call = High
      8. Premium Pack = High
      9. Super Premium Pack = High

    Risk involved with the above mentioned services will be the responsibilty of the applicant him self.


    If you are willing to get telephonic support instead of SMS of our services then all the responsibility of loss or profit whether big or small, through holding or in intraday market, would only be yours and not of the company or any person associated with the company.

    If you agree to the above then click "YES".If you do not agree please click "NO".

    Yes     No

    Investment risk profile

    In setting up an investment portfolio suitable for you, your financial adviser will ask you a series of questions about your financial and lifestyle goals. Using this information, plus details of your current assets, liabilities and income, your adviser can determine what level of risk or exposure you are prepared to tolerate in relation to fluctuations in the marketplace - and the level that makes sense for your stage in life. From this, an appropriate mix of assets can be allocated to your investment portfolio.

    Your Total ScoreYour Investment Profile
    High Growth Investors(151-240)Your Investment portfolio should have bias toward capital growth and you have little need for income. You are prepared to accept a higher degree of volatility and risk. Your primary concern is to accumulate assets over medium to long term.
    Medium Growyh Investor(51-150)Your investment portfolio should have focus on capital growth with some need for income. You are ready to take calculated risk to achieve better returns

    The questionnaire returns a score on the basis of which you fall in either of the category mentioned above. This assessment is made solely on the basis of your financial situation and the answers selected by you.
    As your advisor, I and you confirm that we have worked together to determine your risk profile and the investment options that are best suited for your investment style.

    Client Signature:Date:_____________

    Authorised Signatory_________________________________

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