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Forex Service

In the recent years volume in currency trading has increased up to 10 times as traders find it comparatively low risk segment. Currency derivatives offers trading in pairs like Rupee-Dollar (USD-INR), Rupee-Great Britain Pound (GBP-INR), Rupee-Euro (EUR-INR) and Rupee-Japanese Yen (JPY-INR).

In this product we provide 30-40 calls in a month in the above mentioned currency pairs in NSE with reasonable risk-reward ratio on the basis of technical and fundamental analysis. Our dedicated research team first analyze the economic events related to the above currency pairs and then generate the calls to give handsome profits to our clients.

Our Features:

  • 30-40 calls in a month in NSE based Currency pairs
  • Total 15 lots recommended to trade in each call
  • 3 Targets and proper stop loss will be provided in the call
  • Proper follow-ups would be given
  • Alerts related to the segment or call would be given
  • Customer Support form 9AM-6PM
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