What we like to do

Standard Cash

Plans Pricing Payment
Monthly 7000
Quarterly 17850
Half Yearly 31500
Yearly 54600

In Stock Cash Package we offer stock tips, Intraday tips for Intraday traders. We offer trading tips and levels of buying and selling with proper targets and stop loss so that Intraday traders can get the maximum profit out of an Intraday movement within the stock exchange on a daily basis.

This additionally reduces the risk for traders as they book either profit or loss on the day itself on stock tips provided by Dezire Research and they do not have to take an overnight market risk and also the marginal demand isn’t large, thus Intraday traders with small amount of capital can also participate in flourishing stock markets and earn from our stock tips.

Our Analysis Team does in-depth analysis using technical analysis, fundamental factors and economic factors deliver the best return with low risk in our Intraday stock tips.

Try our stock tips provided by experts with an aim of maximizing returns and reducing the risks involved with intraday trading. The service features of this package follow:

What you get?

  • You get 2-3 NSE cash market recommendations where each recommendation has 2 targets and a Stop Loss.
  • Risk and reward ratio will be 1:1 in percentage terms. (According to the market condition ratio can be changed)
  • Follow-up messages of the calls.
  • Nifty Reviews and Support & resistance.
  • Stocks in news, Nifty and Bank Nifty Trend and Support and resistance
  • Follow up of all news and information.

Mode of calls

  • Calls Will Be Given Only On SMS.

Demo call

  • BUY ZUARIGLOB ABOVE 201 SL 198 TGT 204/208

Backup calls

  • STOCK CASH:- BUY MPHASIS ABOVE 930 TGT 939 / 955 SL 921